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iSHARE 2019
think different

Riverside Convention Center, August 16-17

Imagine a gathering that will challenge you to unlock your creative potential for God. A weekend where you will experience a paradigm shift in the way that you see and share your faith. That's what iShare 2019 is all about. In just a couple days you could see the world around you with new eyes! Come. Join the movement.


Anil Kanda
Evangelist, Central California Conference
Clifford Goldstein
Editor, Adult Sabbath School Quarterly
Chef Chew
Founder, Something Better Foods
Cynthia Heidi
Leader, Nicodemus Society


iShare 2019: Think Different will be held at the Riverside Convention Center on August 16-17. The cost for registration is $52 per person or $100 for a booth. Registration is transferable but non-refundable. There are multiple lodging options available in the vicinity.